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Black Hills
              Amateur Radio Club W0BLK

Upcoming Events

Here you'll find a list of upcoming club events including those hosted by other clubs in the area. Special events are also highlighted below.

April 24, 2021 Noon to 4:00pm
Last year was a success. We want to make this another successful event. Details are available here.
Field Day
June 26-27, 2021
Probably won't be able to do a large gathering but we want small groups and individuals to participate.  
Tailgate and Swap Meet
July 10, 2021
We should be OK to do what we have in the past.
Fire Station Communications Check
September or October, 2021
This year went well with the net control at the clubhouse. Would be nice to add more counties.
South Dakota QSO Party
October 9-10, 2021
We haven't done much with this but should find ways to encourage participation
Skywarn Unknown
Hopefully this can be held at the weather station again